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The Interesting World Of Ducks

 Ducks are by no means mysterious creatures; they are a common sight around our parks, lakes, ponds, and streams. They are so common that sometimes we tend to overlook their beauty and unique nature. Ducks are so cute and amazing that it is hard to resist keeping them as pets. However, before you bring one […]

How to Raise Your Own Ducks

The majority of ducks that are raised are for food purposes. They may be for that family members to consume or even for them to sale. Duck ranches are preferred and they are given premium quality foods to consume and also care so that they will grow like they should. You will locate lots of […]

The Mallard

The Mallard duck is one of the most typical types you will find around. It could be found in locations worldwide where there are fairly cozy temperatures. A lot of them go down South for the winter months though. They include stunning shades and you can quickly tell the boys from the girls. Just the male […]

The Mighty Ducks

In 1992, there was a movie that was released by Walt Disney Pictures called The Mighty Ducks. The movie was about a group of kids who played on a hockey team called The Mighty Ducks. Then in 1993, the Walt Disney Company started a hockey franchise team out of Anaheim, California that they called The […]

Tree Care in San Clemente

So, if you read my previous post about ducks being in our pool – it seems that now I have ducks in my trees.  Yep that is right, perching ducks I think they are called.  I don’t know.  All I know is that I’ve never seen ducks in a tree before. I decided I would call […]

Donald Duck

One of my favorite places to go in California is Disneyland. Let’s be honest, I’m an adult but I love being somewhere that I can act like a kid with no judgement! And what better place to visit my favorite duck, Donald!! I can remember being so excited as a kid to wait in line […]

Ducks and Stanley Cup

I promise the blog won’t always be about the Anaheim Ducks.  However, I am not sure how else to work through my disappointment at them not making the finals.  I was too depressed to even write about it until now. Time to blog. The series is 1-1 Chicago Blackhawks and Tampa Bay Lightning.  I find myself […]

A Dirty Duck Story

So, I live in southern California and I have a pool in my backyard.  We swim in the pool most of the year. But, being in Southern California we are rather used to the warm weather and don’t use it much in the winter.  For some reason this year a family of ducks seemed make our […]

My Favorite Duck

You probably thought you were going to see a duck hunting blog or a blog about Chesapeake ducks … ya I’ll add some info about that.  But right now I want to talk about  my favorite Ducks.  That would be the Anaheim Ducks. Can you say PLAYOFFS?! For those of you who are not ice hockey […]


Welcome to my All Things Ducks blog.  This is my first blog so I am not sure exactly what is going to become of it.  I hope to make this about everything ducks.   I will also be giving a shout out to some of my favorite places and businesses. Hope you find this entertaining […]