The Mighty Ducks

In 1992, there was a movie that was released by Walt Disney Pictures called The Mighty Ducks. The movie was about a group of kids who played on a hockey team called The Mighty Ducks. Then in 1993, the Walt Disney Company started a hockey franchise team out of Anaheim, California that they called The Mighty Ducks, named after the movie released from the previous year. The Mighty Ducks are a professional ice hockey team.

Then in 2005 Disney sold the franchise to private owners who then changed the name of the hockey team to the Anaheim Ducks. The Anaheim Ducks consists of 23 team members, and as of the 2015 season only 5 members are from the United States, the other members are from Canada, Sweden, Finland, and Germany. The team mascot is called Wild Wing and he is a duck in a hockey uniform. The name of the mascot was chosen by a fan following a name the mascot write-in contest. Wild Wing Birthday party packages are available for kids who are fans of the team and the mascot, he does hospital visits and makes different appearances throughout the season.

The Anaheim Ducks have made the playoffs 11 times, have won four Pacific Division titles, won two Western Conference Championships, and won one Stanley Cup title.

The Hockey season starts around the beginning of October and runs through the beginning of April, and each team plays in about 82 games in the regular season. If a hockey team has won a certain number of games then they will go on to the hockey playoffs, which consists of four rounds of the best of seven series. There are 16 teams (Eight in the Pacific Conference and eight in the Eastern Conference) that qualify for the playoffs. The best team of each conference plays the final game which is called the Stanley Cup. It is the final championship game of the season. The team that wins the last game is the winner of that particular season and receives the Stanley Cup. As a prize, the names of the team are engraved into the cup. Unfortunately, the team only gets to keep the Stanley Cup until the following year when a new team wins the trophy.

Watching a hockey game in person is fast paced and full of energy, it is exciting to watch and is pretty easy to follow. Seats range from along the glass that surrounds the ice to up into the higher levels and everything in between. Hockey ticket prices range from $17 a seat to $500 a seat, all depending on where the seats are located. If you haven’t been to a hockey game yet it’s worth your time to go to one, so go and support the Anaheim Ducks.