Tree Care in San Clemente

So, if you read my previous post about ducks being in our pool – it seems that now I have ducks in my trees.  Yep that is right, perching ducks I think they are called.  I don’t know.  All I know is that I’ve never seen ducks in a tree before.

I decided I would call my local professional arborist to find out if I could do anything about the ducks in my trees. So, I called searched Google for tree care and tree trimming in San Clemente and found A company right here  in San clemente to help me figure out what to do about it.  The gentleman was very nice and offered to come out to take a look.  He really didn’t know what to do about the ducks, but he did talk to me about tree maintenance, landscaping and tree trimming that probably should be done.

I had a couple of threes that were growing too close to the house and you know I never even noticed until he pointed it out.  I mean one was changing the structure of my gutters and roof.  It just not something I notice in my backyard with the water feature, swing set and built in BBQ.

I also have vines climbing all over the house, which he told me really should be removed.  I guess they actually can grow into the outer wall of your house.  So hard for me to imagine a plant that can live on stucco??!  He indicated that these crazy vines can reduce the air flow on the stucco walls and cause moisture retention, which eventually damage the walls.  I had no idea what I would be discovering about trees and my backyard.

I also had a spot that was always drenched and muddy in the back of my property.  He discovered there was some sort of leak.  I did get a notice that I was using too  much water. In California in this drought you can get fined for using too much water.  Anyway, I kind of ignored it and shook my head ’cause there are only 3 of us and my husband travels a lot.  What do families with 3 or 4 kids use? GEEZ!

He was able to dig a bit of the ground up near the pipe and the drain to discover water was definitely leaking out.  What a mess, but I sure was glad that he got to the bottom of it.  The thing the really got me was when we bought the house less than a year ago, we noticed the muddy area and asked for it to be fixed.  They gave us a couple hundred dollars and said “Oh, it’s no big deal. Just add another drain or two”. Why we trusted them and took the money is beyond me.  They obviously knew it was a bigger issue and didn’t want to deal with it before the sell.  Lesson learned – do your due diligence and don’t take the sellers word for it.  Just to dig it all out is going to cost $600.

I am so happy for the darn ducks and even more excited that I found a wealth of knowledge and a great landscaper / arborist to help me with my trees and yard issues.