Donald Duck

One of my favorite places to go in California is Disneyland. Let’s be honest, I’m an adult but I love being somewhere that I can act like a kid with no judgement! And what better place to visit my favorite duck, Donald!!


I can remember being so excited as a kid to wait in line for Donald’s autograph. He’s my favorite character, and I would make my poor parents wait in line as long as it took to meet him! Now, as an adult, I love taking my kids to go meet Donald and watch their little faces light up as soon as they lay eyes on that silly duck.

He’s a classic character that they love to see again and again, every time we visit Disneyland! It brings back such great memories from my own childhood, and it’s so wonderful to be able to make new memories with my own children!

Anyone who has been to Disneyland also knows there are ducks…everywhere. So many people eating at any outdoor food stand know how frequently these little guys like to approach you and ask ever-so-politely for some of your delicious food.  I’m such a sucker for animals, and ducks are one of my favorites. I’m always one of those people sneaking them some bread when nobody is looking! But then I always run into the “bring a buddy” issue and before you know it there’s a whole flock of ducks sitting there looking up at me. Sorry guys, my hamburger bun can’t feed everyone!

There has definitely been more than one occasion where I’ve been on a boat ride and just so happen to float by a large group of ducks, looking like they’re just a part of the ride! I will never forget one time I was riding the Jungle Cruise, and from beginning to end there was a family of ducks that we kept seeing all during the ride. They were trying so hard to keep up with our boat, and all the kids absolutely loved it. The driver of the boat caught on pretty quickly that we had some “tag-alongs” and worked it into his jokes like it was nothing! It definitely made for a fun experience, and a great memory!

I guess there is more than one duck at Disneyland that can make your visit memorable!