Ducks and Stanley Cup

I promise the blog won’t always be about the Anaheim Ducks.  However, I am not sure how else to work through my disappointment at them not making the finals.  I was too depressed to even write about it until now. Time to blog.

The series is 1-1 Chicago Blackhawks and Tampa Bay Lightning.  I find myself spitefully cheering for Tampa Bay because I’m still mad at the Blackhawks for beating MY (yes MY) Ducks.  So, last nights win was the highlight of my week.

If you didn’t see the game it was a great one.  4-3 Tampa Bay.  In the 3rd period, Vasilevskiy, the 20 year old rookie from Russia stepped in for Bishop. No warm up, no warning, and the game was tied. That kid played like a veteran.  5 saves!

Check out more detail here: Tampa Bay uses 2 goalies, beats Chicago 4-3 to even Final.

We still don’t know what Bishop’s injury is or why he left the ice.  Maybe it was meant to be and a way to let Vasilevskiy’s light shine. He earned his first career playoff victory.  In an interview, he said he a little nervous, but that he always keeps his head in the game and is always ready.  I guess so!  He was ready last night for sure.

The Stanley Cup Final’s first two games were split for only the second time since 2004. As game 3 approaches, I am surprised at how  much of a Tampa Bay fan I am becoming.  Honestly, I didn’t even know the name of the team, Lightning, until a couple of weeks ago.  I am laughing at myself right now.  Wonder if there are other sore looser Tampa Bay Lightning fans out there.  Oh, to understand the behavior of humans.

I am sure I will be posting about the winner of the Stanley Cup, and I hope it is Tampa Bay.  Sorry Blackhawks fans. I am just being real.