The Interesting World Of Ducks

 Ducks are by no means mysterious creatures; they are a common sight around our parks, lakes, ponds, and streams. They are so common that sometimes we tend to overlook their beauty and unique nature. Ducks are so cute and amazing that it is hard to resist keeping them as pets. However, before you bring one home, you need to have a good understanding of their physical, social, and behavioral needs.

Let’s explore some interesting facts about ducks so that you won’t face any hardships making them a treasured member of your family:

  • Like geese and swans, ducks belong to the Anatidae family
  • Most breeds of the ducks are fully grown at about 12 weeks of age
  • Ducks can survive extreme weather conditions when fully grown and can live up to 20 years or more
  • Ducks are not found of any sort of transportation – they like to fly and get there on their own.
  • Female ducks make the “quack” sound, males ducks (drakes) are usually very quiet and make a soft raspy sound
  • Females ducks start laying eggs at the age of 6 months
  • Duck eggs can be used as a good replacement for chicken eggs
  • Unlike any other pets, ducks do not like to be touched, cuddled, or picked up. If you want to tame them, you can stroke on their chest or on the beak. They like eating sweet treats, you can feed them peas or lettuce to develop a personal bond
  • They are very curious in nature, they will come to watch whatever is happening around them
  • They are easy to herd, all you need to do is raise your arm/s to make them move in a certain direction and they will easily follow your instructions
  • Ducks are very shy animals and they don’t like sudden movements. So, whenever around your ducks, always move slowly. Do not ever chase them; you might get bitten by them.
  • Ducks are omnivorous, which means you can feed them meat or vegetables
  • Ducks are very social, they seldom fight and they get along with each other very well
  • Ducks do not catch fleas, ticks, or other parasites easily
  • Unlike chickens, ducks do not have a bad odor
  • Since they do not have nerves or blood vessels in their feet, ducks do not feel cold and can easily swim in cold water
  • Ducks have this amazing capability that they can sleep with one open eye. Whenever they feel insecure, they can turn off half of their brain while keeping the other half open and alert for potential predators. It is only when they feel completely secure that they sleep with both eyes closed.
  • Drakes are famous for being very aggressive during the mating time which sometimes results in injury or even death.
  • Another thing that is very unusual about drakes is that unlike other bird species, drakes have an external phallus. This corkscrew shaped tentacle can grow to be as long as their entire body and falls off during the winter and re-grows again in the spring season.

Tree Care in San Clemente

So, if you read my previous post about ducks being in our pool – it seems that now I have ducks in my trees.  Yep that is right, perching ducks I think they are called.  I don’t know.  All I know is that I’ve never seen ducks in a tree before.

I decided I would call my local professional arborist to find out if I could do anything about the ducks in my trees. So, I called searched Google for tree care and tree trimming in San Clemente and found A company right here  in San clemente to help me figure out what to do about it.  The gentleman was very nice and offered to come out to take a look.  He really didn’t know what to do about the ducks, but he did talk to me about tree maintenance, landscaping and tree trimming that probably should be done.

I had a couple of threes that were growing too close to the house and you know I never even noticed until he pointed it out.  I mean one was changing the structure of my gutters and roof.  It just not something I notice in my backyard with the water feature, swing set and built in BBQ.

I also have vines climbing all over the house, which he told me really should be removed.  I guess they actually can grow into the outer wall of your house.  So hard for me to imagine a plant that can live on stucco??!  He indicated that these crazy vines can reduce the air flow on the stucco walls and cause moisture retention, which eventually damage the walls.  I had no idea what I would be discovering about trees and my backyard.

I also had a spot that was always drenched and muddy in the back of my property.  He discovered there was some sort of leak.  I did get a notice that I was using too  much water. In California in this drought you can get fined for using too much water.  Anyway, I kind of ignored it and shook my head ’cause there are only 3 of us and my husband travels a lot.  What do families with 3 or 4 kids use? GEEZ!

He was able to dig a bit of the ground up near the pipe and the drain to discover water was definitely leaking out.  What a mess, but I sure was glad that he got to the bottom of it.  The thing the really got me was when we bought the house less than a year ago, we noticed the muddy area and asked for it to be fixed.  They gave us a couple hundred dollars and said “Oh, it’s no big deal. Just add another drain or two”. Why we trusted them and took the money is beyond me.  They obviously knew it was a bigger issue and didn’t want to deal with it before the sell.  Lesson learned – do your due diligence and don’t take the sellers word for it.  Just to dig it all out is going to cost $600.

I am so happy for the darn ducks and even more excited that I found a wealth of knowledge and a great landscaper / arborist to help me with my trees and yard issues.



A Dirty Duck Story

So, I live in southern California and I have a pool in my backyard.  We swim in the pool most of the year. But, being in Southern California we are rather used to the warm weather and don’t use it much in the winter.  For some reason this year a family of ducks seemed make our pool their new home.  It looks nothing like the duck ponds I grew up next to in the midwest.  However, they didn’t seem to care.

It first started out with just one or two ducks.  My kids and I fed them and named them and it was kind of cute…until they informed all of their friends about the pool and free food.  Suddenly, we had several ducks.  We ran out of old bread, but that didn’t stop them. And soon, there were babies.

As you can imagine, with ducks and food came well…duck poop.  It was in our pool, on our patio and somehow got tracked into the house onto our brand new carpets.  I was fit to be tied.  First plan of attack was to get the “stuff” cleaned up from the patio and pool.  It left stains so that was not fun trying to get out.  Then, my carpets.  Thank goodness I found San Clemente Carpet Cleaning!  They got everything out.

Next, how to get rid of the ducks… still working on that one. I am hoping that with warmer weather and migration patterns the ducks will kindly remove themselves.

During May and June and for a couple of weeks there will be tons of other birds visiting Southern California. I think some will stay for the summer months, but most of them will pass through.  Maybe the ducks will follow the the ones passing through.  All I know is that we will not be feeding any of the cute “ducks” next year.  We will save that for the duck ponds at the park.

How to Raise Your Own Ducks

The majority of ducks that are raised are for food purposes. They may be for that family members to consume or even for them to sale. Duck ranches are preferred and they are given premium quality foods to consume and also care so that they will grow like they should. You will locate lots of activity happening at a duck ranch. They are loud animals as this is how they connect with each other. They create their own hierarchy therefore they will establish their own pecking order there.

raising-ducklings-4One of the biggest problems that come into place with raising ducks though is to keep the free from illness. They are extremely vulnerable to numerous kinds of them and once there is an episode it spreads very quickly to the whole group of ducks. This can create a proprietor to lose a significant quantity of cash that is wrapped up in these pets.

Much more treatment is often given to the needs of the female ducks compared to the males. If they are happy and have lots of food they will produce more eggs. They could lay from 8-12 each time. Those that are well looked after often provide the biggest quantity of them though which could truly make a difference regarding the total number of ducks that the proprietor has.

Often the eggs are accumulated as duck eggs are a delicacy in some locations all over the world. The owner has to find a balance regarding the number of the duck eggs will be taken and the amount that will be allowed to hatch out on their own. They can be costly and that is always great information when you are associated with raising ducks.

Ducks appear to adjust fairly well to their environment so as long as you have a space for them you could maintain them. You don’t intend to place them in cages though as they will not do well in such an environment. Having a lake or a pond around means they could go swimming and you won’t need to supply them with water unless that body of water is frozen. Ducks are extremely clever though and they swiftly learn where to get their basic demands met.

The Mallard

The Mallard duck is one of the most typical types you will find around. It could be found in locations worldwide where there are fairly cozy temperatures. A lot of them go down South for the winter months though. They include stunning shades and you can quickly tell the boys from the girls. Just the male Mallard ducks feature the attractive emerald green colors on their heads and top body. The females include a light tan or brown color in that location of their body.

Anas_platyrhynchos_male_female_quadratThroughout the warmer times of the year it is common to find Mallard ducks unwinding on the waters of ponds as well as small lakes. They swiftly get that people will come to these areas to feed them. Their natural diet plan consists of seeds, plants, as well as small fish and frogs. They will also eat bread and snacks when people happen with it. Actually, they will battle each other for it although they aren’t hungry. They will eat all that is coming their way.

Even so, Mallard ducks are thought about to be a wild kind of duck. They are decedents of the different types of domestic ducks out there though. They do appear to be comfortable around people. Those that have come to be familiar with getting fed will go up to individuals and take exactly what they have to offer.

Mallard ducks breed quite easily as long as their fundamental requirements are being satisfied. They will lay roughly 10 eggs each time. The young ducks will hatch out in about 60 days and the mother will take very good care of them. They understand ways to swim naturally from the moment they hatch. She will educate them how to stay away from predators in addition to how you can search for food. They are really loving and caring mothers to their young.

Some individuals maintain Mallard ducks as family pets. They have a little pond on their property that they ducks live in. If they are well taken care of they will return to the very same place year after year. Some people placed them in cages, however they often tend not to do well in such isolation. They will refuse to eat and several will die if you do not enable them to have the liberty to discover.

The Mighty Ducks

In 1992, there was a movie that was released by Walt Disney Pictures called The Mighty Ducks. The movie was about a group of kids who played on a hockey team called The Mighty Ducks. Then in 1993, the Walt Disney Company started a hockey franchise team out of Anaheim, California that they called The Mighty Ducks, named after the movie released from the previous year. The Mighty Ducks are a professional ice hockey team.


Donald Duck

One of my favorite places to go in California is Disneyland. Let’s be honest, I’m an adult but I love being somewhere that I can act like a kid with no judgement! And what better place to visit my favorite duck, Donald!!


I can remember being so excited as a kid to wait in line for Donald’s autograph. He’s my favorite character, and I would make my poor parents wait in line as long as it took to meet him! Now, as an adult, I love taking my kids to go meet Donald and watch their little faces light up as soon as they lay eyes on that silly duck.

He’s a classic character that they love to see again and again, every time we visit Disneyland! It brings back such great memories from my own childhood, and it’s so wonderful to be able to make new memories with my own children!

Anyone who has been to Disneyland also knows there are ducks…everywhere. So many people eating at any outdoor food stand know how frequently these little guys like to approach you and ask ever-so-politely for some of your delicious food.  I’m such a sucker for animals, and ducks are one of my favorites. I’m always one of those people sneaking them some bread when nobody is looking! But then I always run into the “bring a buddy” issue and before you know it there’s a whole flock of ducks sitting there looking up at me. Sorry guys, my hamburger bun can’t feed everyone!

There has definitely been more than one occasion where I’ve been on a boat ride and just so happen to float by a large group of ducks, looking like they’re just a part of the ride! I will never forget one time I was riding the Jungle Cruise, and from beginning to end there was a family of ducks that we kept seeing all during the ride. They were trying so hard to keep up with our boat, and all the kids absolutely loved it. The driver of the boat caught on pretty quickly that we had some “tag-alongs” and worked it into his jokes like it was nothing! It definitely made for a fun experience, and a great memory!

I guess there is more than one duck at Disneyland that can make your visit memorable!


Ducks and Stanley Cup

I promise the blog won’t always be about the Anaheim Ducks.  However, I am not sure how else to work through my disappointment at them not making the finals.  I was too depressed to even write about it until now. Time to blog.

The series is 1-1 Chicago Blackhawks and Tampa Bay Lightning.  I find myself spitefully cheering for Tampa Bay because I’m still mad at the Blackhawks for beating MY (yes MY) Ducks.  So, last nights win was the highlight of my week.

If you didn’t see the game it was a great one.  4-3 Tampa Bay.  In the 3rd period, Vasilevskiy, the 20 year old rookie from Russia stepped in for Bishop. No warm up, no warning, and the game was tied. That kid played like a veteran.  5 saves!

Check out more detail here: Tampa Bay uses 2 goalies, beats Chicago 4-3 to even Final.

We still don’t know what Bishop’s injury is or why he left the ice.  Maybe it was meant to be and a way to let Vasilevskiy’s light shine. He earned his first career playoff victory.  In an interview, he said he a little nervous, but that he always keeps his head in the game and is always ready.  I guess so!  He was ready last night for sure.

The Stanley Cup Final’s first two games were split for only the second time since 2004. As game 3 approaches, I am surprised at how  much of a Tampa Bay fan I am becoming.  Honestly, I didn’t even know the name of the team, Lightning, until a couple of weeks ago.  I am laughing at myself right now.  Wonder if there are other sore looser Tampa Bay Lightning fans out there.  Oh, to understand the behavior of humans.

I am sure I will be posting about the winner of the Stanley Cup, and I hope it is Tampa Bay.  Sorry Blackhawks fans. I am just being real.

My Favorite Duck

You probably thought you were going to see a duck hunting blog or a blog about Chesapeake ducks … ya I’ll add some info about that.  But right now I want to talk about  my favorite Ducks.  That would be the Anaheim Ducks. Can you say PLAYOFFS?! For those of you who are not ice hockey fans – the Anaheim Ducks are a professional hockey team located in California and part of the Western Division.

I love playoff season and I especially love visiting the Ducks Stadium  the Honda Center.  Have you been there? Is it not one of the most impressive hockey arenas you’ve been to?  And it’s located in southern California – one of the most beautiful places in the US if you like beaches and great weather.

Anyway, about my Anaheim Ducks.  Yes, I said MY… cause you know when you are in the playoffs they suddenly become YOUR team?  My team is up 2-1 in the second round of the playoffs.  I was fortunate enough to get to go to the first game of the second round.  Nothing like the buzz in the stadium when you walk in and especially when they score.

Waiting for the next game on Friday feels a little like waiting for Santa to come when I was six.  As they are off in the wilderness of Banff, Fenlands Recreation Center watching wildlife and practicing for the next two days, I’ll be dreaming of them winning round two and playing the Blackhawks for the Stanley cup.


Welcome to my All Things Ducks blog.  This is my first blog so I am not sure exactly what is going to become of it.  I hope to make this about everything ducks.   I will also be giving a shout out to some of my favorite places and businesses. Hope you find this entertaining and informative!

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